Monday, June 4, 2012

Another benefit of homeschool - Confidence

We are officially done with year 1!!  :-)   In PA we have a lot of hoops to jump through in order to homeschool.  Today, I had my affidavit notarized and handed all required documents plus my portfolio into the district office.  It felt so good!  I have to say that I am little sad that the first year is over, but I am really looking forward to next year.

This year has been such a blessing for me and B.  We have grown closer and he has become such a happier kid.  I feel like he has grown up a lot and matured more than I would have ever expected.  People always talk about kids socialization and how homeschooling is detrimental.  B is living proof that homeschooling can be such an incredible gift.  Throughout the year, I have seen him talk more comfortably with adults, do his work responsibly and without a whine (well - maybe some days a little whine - but it was rare), and confidently jump into new environments.  As a shy kid, I am so proud to see him grow in confidence and come out of his shell.  When we started this adventure, I never imagined all the benefits that I would see.  I was focused more on what good things would happen academically. His growth in confidence, not only in school but in life, has truly amazed me! 

My youngest two are finishing up their public school years this week.  I have most of my curriculum and I am looking forward to getting ready for next year.  I hope to start in early August so that we can take some breaks year round.  This summer I am having them do some reading and a little bit of math to keep their minds working until we get started. 

Although I am nervous about having 3 kids at home instead of 1, I try to remind myself that that is how I felt at this time last year.  Although, I do have more confidence than I did last year.  I guess we both have improved in that way! ;-)