Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Real Man

The recent book Fifty Shades of Gray and movie Magic Mike are being called "mommy porn".  What is most disturbing about this is the amount of women, even Christian women, accepting these forms of (so called) entertainment as ok.  Personally, I think that I am probably in the minority but I feel that they are  disrespectful to not only women but especially men.  At first I thought I was crazy because it seemed like no one found anything wrong with this recent trend!   I have absolutely no desire to see the movie or read the book.  I know what a real man is.  He can't be found in either of these.  Thankfully, God has blessed me with a real man.  My husband is a real man.  A Godly man.  And I am so thankful for Godly men! 

Here is what a REAL man is:
  • He loves God.
  • He works hard so that he can provide for his family and his wife can stay home to be with the kids and homeschool them.
  • He coaches every sport that they play.  Not because it is easy or for the glory (because it definite is not easy and there is no glory!) but because he loves his kids and the other kids on his team. 
  • He respects his wife and all women.  Teaches his sons to do the same.
  • He is kind and loving.  Always doing things for others.
  • He waters the plants because his wife has a black thumb.
  • He makes breakfast for his family on the weekends because his wife is not a morning person.
  • He takes his kids to birthday parties when his wife can't.
  • He walks or rides bikes with his daughter because she loves to spend that quality time with him.  And so does he. 
  • He doesn't go golfing or do boys nights out.  He would rather spend time as a family.
  • He is committed to his marriage even when it's hard.
  • He is committed to God even when it's hard.
  • He compliments his wife and tells her she looks pretty ... even after 12 years of marriage.
  • He paints a bedroom with his wife, even though he hates to paint.
  • He drives all over creation to take his kids to hockey games because they love to play hockey.
  • He does things that glorify God and doesn't care what is 'in' or 'cool'.
  • He doesn't wear gel in his hair (ok, even if he had hair he wouldn't!), get waxed, or manicured.
  • He would rather go on a date with his wife than any other woman in the world.   
I could go on and on .... My husband is a real man.  More of a man than any character in Magic Mike or Fifty Shades of Gray.  And check out that picture.  He is pretty darn handsome to boot!  I am a very blessed woman and I know it! :-)


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