Friday, October 21, 2011

5 Things That I Love About Homeschooling This Week - Link Up!

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Hockey CD - B and I put together a hockey CD for his team.  One of the dad's will play it over the speaker during the game, like they do in the professional games.  We had so much fun doing this.  At one point I was dancing to the music ... yep dancing ... and B said, "Mom, we need to get you out of the house!"  Let me just add that the music we put on the hockey CD is not dancing music.  I guess it's funny to see your mom dance around to Pillar, Skillet and Twisted Sister.  We were looking up hockey songs on iTunes and laughing at some of the funny ones so hard that we were crying.  It is homeschooling that gives us this time together!  Here is one of the kids favorites ...

Constitution - I decided that I really want B to learn about the Constitution.  I don't mean the superficial quick learning.  I want him to really dive into it.  Not just the who, what, and where but also the why and how.  I am looking into some great resources and hope to start it in the second semester!  Love that these decisions can be made on a whim!  Any good resources for the Constitution that you have used?

Library -  B loves the trips to the library!  He loves to go and pick out books, not only for himself but also for his brother and sister.  I'm not sure why but I am not complaining.  He was never a strong reader and used to hate reading but I have not heard him complain about any reading since we started homeschooling.  It is a strange phenomenon that I am so happy about!  Maybe it was just reading in the rigid school setting that he hated? 

School Pictures -  My youngest just had their school pictures taken.  I hate school pictures.  They cost a small fortune and are never good.  C had such a bad picture taken two years ago that it was comical.  It will be one that we pull out for years to come.  He is an adorable kid that they made turn his head into such an unnatural position that it was ridiculous. They also do them twice a year!  The first time the pictures are done you have to pay for them before you see them.  The second time you don't have to prepurchase but they send you all the pictures and you choose what you want.  You have to send back what you don't want.  It seems like such a waste and I hate the idea of giving them back pictures of my kids.  Either way it is ridiculous.  I like homeschool pictures.  They always turn out better and they are much cheaper free!

B's submission - Art -   At first when I asked him what his favorite thing about homeschool was this week, he said, "Everything!"  I asked him to be more specific and he said that he really liked the art this week.  This week we made a shadow box and worked on pencil shading.  Right now he is doing a pencil drawing of a bowl of fruit (plus some peppers for more color - I used what I had).  He has been really enjoying it.

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  1. Steph, When mine were younger I used a great book for the constitution. Here is the review I wrote about it -


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