Monday, October 10, 2011

Random Thoughts - Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Halloween!  Ok, it's not Halloween yet but the weather here has been perfect!  After getting ready to build an ark two weeks ago, it's nice to feel the crisp, cool dry fall air.  I can do without seeing rain for a while.  My favorite weather ... wearing jeans and sweatshirts.  Love it!!
My youngest two have off school today for Columbus Day, so B and I took off too.  I'm glad that we have the beautiful weather to enjoy!

I was sweeping in the garage yesterday and had to take a picture of this.  Can you believe that we are a family of 5?  None of the hockey sticks are mine and my daughter probably has one or two (that the boys outgrew).  They are mostly roller hockey sticks for playing in the street.  Some are broken.  Some are old ice hockey sticks.  At least we have extras for the kids in the neighborhood to borrow??  Maybe I can get creative when they are older and make something out of all of them?  Ideas??

Speaking of hockey ... we are officially back in hockey season!  So far the boys team is undefeated!   It should be a great season!
E is knee deep in soccer for another month and then she starts her ice hockey season. 

Game face?
I hope that everyone is enjoying their long weekend ... if you have off today.  My favorite quote from the weekend ... 
B came running into the family room looking surprised and concerned. 
B - "Mom, you need to start homeschooling C!"  
Me - "Why?" 
 B - "He doesn't know who Paul Revere is or what he is known for!!" 
I'm glad that B has such confidence in homeschooling.  Maybe he is learning something after all! :-) 


  1. Homeschooling IS a blessing, isn't it! I enjoyed reading through your blog. We are using Who Is God this year too. I love it!

  2. @Annika
    Thanks for stopping by! I really have liked Who is God. We do it as a family during breakfast or dinner, whichever works.


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