Monday, October 24, 2011

Carving Pumpkins

Yesterday we went to pick out pumpkins.  Each one of the kids picked out their perfect pumpkin and we started to carve when we got home.

C definitely looked like he was up to something.  Although, he usually looks like he's up to something ...

Check out this smile!

And here is Princess E.  Why is that the messiest things are always the most fun?

And the completed pumpkins ....

Now it's time to roast some pumpkin seeds ... yum!


  1. Great job! We're getting our pumpkins on Friday. (I know - last minute, huh? LOL)

    Your banner photo cracks me up! I bet anything photo of my family would be similar! LOL

    Stopping by from the HHH!

  2. They turned out great--not as great as that "up to something" smile.

  3. Thanks Ladies! The kids used to want us to do the intricate designs from the books but then my hubby and I would be the ones left carving ... for hours. This year we said, "let's do faces!" It worked well. I would draw the face that they wanted then they carved them out. Much less work!

  4. They look so cute and I love the first one of your son..that is one heck of a smile. You should link this up to my writing prompt post. Here is the link -

  5. So fun & messy too :) We decided not to carve pumpkins this year. Wait, we didn't do it last year either.. Hmm. Maybe next year? :)
    Here from HHH.


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