Tuesday, November 8, 2011

When We Don't Do What Is Right ... Or Even Close To It

I assume that the scandal at Penn State has been in the news all over the country.  Here in central PA it has been all over the news, every hour.  In our area, Penn State football is not just looked up to ... it's almost worshipped.  Joe Paterno is highly respected and has had a reputation of having a high moral code and running a tight ship.  That has all changed.

For anyone who hasn't heard, Penn States Jerry Sandusky (former assistant football coach) has been accused of molesting 8 children from 1994-2004.  Two other Penn State officials have been arraigned for charges stemming from the cover up.  A graduate assistant saw Sandusky with a 10 year old boy in the showers in the football locker room.  The graduate assistant told Joe Paterno.  Joe Paterno then told the athletic director.  Joe Paterno did nothing more.  He told the Grand Jury that he was told of Sandusky "fondling or doing something of a sexual nature to a young boy." But he was not aware of the extent of the incident with the 10 year old boy.  Really??? 

Maybe he wasn't told the full extent.  Isn't the information that he was given enough????  I have a 10 year old boy.  This entire story disgusts me.  Nobody did enough!  There should be a sweeping investigation done by the school athletic department and anyone who was aware of the incident, even a little bit,  should be fired. How could 4 grown men (at least 4 that we are aware of) know about the abuse of a child and do nothing!!!  There is the famous quote that goes something like this ... All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.  I don't even think that it applies in this case.  They are clearly not good men.  No good man would know about these horrendous crimes and not make sure that the perpetrator was brought to justice.  Or at least notify the police?????? 
Sandusky had a charity called Second Mile for troubled young boys.  This is how he met many of his young victims.

I am also a little surprised that I haven't seen anything about this on Facebook.  Usually when something is in the news, people will be commenting about it on FB.  I checked this morning and there is nothing.  Maybe everyone is surprised and disturbed?

Sorry about the soapbox.  I think that having a 10 year old boy ... hearing this story ... hearing about nothing being done ... really makes you wonder about society.  Joe Paterno may not have legally done anything wrong but morally .... that is a different story.   I pray that the boys and their families get through this and that the evil is stopped.   



  1. Well said! This situation makes my blood run cold.

  2. @Savannah McQueen
    It is a horrible situation all around. I pray that the men who did nothing are held accountable for their inaction.


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