Wednesday, March 7, 2012

... and more hockey

I am starting to get so excited for next year!  All of my kids will be home with me and I am starting to look into curriculum and wondering how much more difficult it will be with three at home.  Is it exponential or only a minor adjustment?  I am guessing that it will be exponential ... Especially since I have been spoiled with my oldest (10 years old).  He can do a lot on his own and I realize that that probably won't be the case for my 7 and 9 year old.  Has anyone used My Fathers World?  I am looking into their curriculum and I really like that I could use it with all the kids. 

I can't wait until next year!!  I am really looking forward to the flexibility.  The boys had a playoff game last Friday at 5:00pm (2 hours away) so I had to take C and E out of school early.  We have the same situation this Friday at 4:00pm and it is even farther away.  I always feel a little guilty pulling them out of school.  I know that I shouldn't.  They are my kids, right?  But I can't help feeling like I am getting judged or looked down on for having my kids miss school.  Ah ... next year ...

As I mentioned, we are deep in playoffs for hockey right now.  Last weekend we went into the playoffs in third place and finished in first place.  The boys did so well!!  Although, they kept the games way too close for my comfort, winning both in overtime.  We now will be going to the finals next weekend where we play another team (the team rank first in the league) three times to see who will be the league champions.  I don't know if my heart can take many more nail biting games!!  At least then the season will be over ... then lacrosse starts ... then hockey tournaments start ... It never really ends does it! :-)
I am so proud of these boys!  :-)


  1. It will be a big change, but you will love it. Send a message my way if you ever need encouraging. I suspect you won't though.

    1. Thanks Savannah! I appreciate all of your encouragement! :-)


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