Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Time for Curriculum Choices and Decisions!

I have been thinking about curriculum all year but it is starting to get close to buying time.  The final countdown.  This year I had curriculum for one.  Next year I need curriculum for three.  I am trying to not get too overwhelmed. 

This year I quickly realized that if something doesn't work it is easily changed.  We changed Science curriculums early on.  We tried several language arts books.  We tried two math programs (completed both of them). 

The research for curriculum is actually fun.  I enjoy looking through catalogs and websites to see all of the different options.  Maybe I am odd but I have a feeling that most homeschool parents enjoy it too!

I think that I have come up with our curriculum for next year... this may change .... several times. 

MFW Exploring Countries & Cultures (includes Bible, Social Studies (Geography and International Cultures), Science, Music, Art, and Read-Alouds)  and can be used for all three kids!  WooHoo!!

Singapore Math 2A/B  4A/B and 6A/B
Additional math workbooks (B loved Mind Benders this year.  He actually was disappointed when we finished one and wanted the next book right away.)

Language Arts ... not completely sure about this.  We tried the books that MFW recommends and they didn't work for us.  Might try Abeka Language Arts ... maybe something else... still looking.  I am going to get Spelling Power though.

Spanish - Rosetta Stone for LV1 Latin America Spanish.

I am also contemplating adding an Apologia Science.  We really loved our Apologia Science (Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology) this year! 

Getting finished with our current books!  And yes, we have Lego Stormtroopers protecting our books.  Don't you?



  1. Thank you for the Mind Benders recommendation. We aren't a "textbook" family, at all. But, the kids still need to have some critical thinking abilities. We will be ordering one of these!

    1. Nicole - My son really enjoyed them! I have to admit that I have fun with them too. I have to remind myself that they are his books ... :-)

  2. Very fun to read through! I can't believe how quickly our 1st year of homeschooling has gone and I LOVE researching curriculum!!! :) Enjoy having more kids next year to homeschool--it will be fun! I'm seriously considering MFW for when my youngers are a bit older.

    1. Thanks Rikki! I am looking forward to having all my kids home next year! :-)


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