Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Flood

What a crazy couple of days we have had...

We started hearing about record rain amounts but I didn't really listen.  I have a hard time believing the hyped up excitement and frantic rush to the grocery store.  Every winter we have at least one snow storm that makes everyone rush to the store to buy snow shovels, milk, and bread.  Usually it nothing more than a couple inches and even if it is 2 feet ... we live in PA ... it is cleared off the streets within 24 hours. 

Yesterday it was pouring buckets all day.  My youngest two go the public school which is about 2 miles (or less) down the road from me.  I got the call that the school was going to close early and the kids would be sent home at 2.  Then I got another call later from a neighbor that said if we could come pick up our kids, the principal said to go ahead.  They were worried about getting buses out and wanted as many kids picked up as possible.  I immediately got in the car and went to pick them up.  I was home with them safely within 15 minutes.

Later in the day I found out that most buses never made it the elementary schools.  We have a staggered bus system.  The same bus takes high school kids home, then picks up the middle schoolers and takes them home, then the elementary school.   Most of the middle school buses couldn't make it through roads that turned into rivers and had to go to the high school to wait it out.  I heard there were 1600 kids at the high school stranded and a lot of parents had no way to get to them.  Our elementary school had some kids still there into the evening.  Thank God I was able to get my kids home safely and quickly!! 

The town of Hershey (2 miles from us) is practically an island.  Most roads are covered by rushing water and it is hard to know that there was ever a road underneath.  Our local Pizza Hut, Bob Evans, Hoss's, and Wendy's were underwater and destroyed.  Hersheypark is also majorly flooded in most areas.  ZooAmerica (the zoo at Hersheypark) experienced major flooding and could save all of the animals except for 2 bison. :-(  Not to mention all the houses.  My heart goes out to all the people that lost everything.  I can't even imagine what they are going through.  We have been extremely lucky.  Even in our neighborhood, half of the people have swimming pools in their basements.  We don't have a drop. 

The kids were off school today and I just got the call that school is cancelled again tomorrow.  We are using snow days already ... in September!  We are also waiting to see if we lose water.  The local water company is telling everyone in our area to be prepared for a water shut off for up to 72 hours.  My tubs are full of water and I have 8 gallons of water in the garage.  Yep, I went to the grocery store and stocked up.  Not sure if it will happen but I want to be prepared.

Here are some pictures of our town.  Sorry they are really grainy pictures ...


Hard to see but there is a Pizza Hut roof in the middle of what looks like a lake.

Local restaurant, walking distance to our elementary school.  First floor under water.

7-11 in downtown Hummelstown.  Gas tanks underwater.

Last that I heard there were 4 deaths in our County.  Hopefully there won't be anymore.  Did I say that the rivers haven't even crested yet?   My prayers go out to anyone that has lost their home or God forbid a loved one. 



  1. So sorry to hear this. We live near Bound Brook, NJ. We got a little water in the basement mostly due to the power being out for 4 days so the sump pumps could not work.

    It's so sad to see so many people lose so much.

  2. @Theresa
    Hope that your basement is ok! This weather is crazy! The earthquake, hurricane, and now this!!

  3. Oh my this is horrible. Floods are so destructive. When we lived in New Orleans I came to realize how the people were so used to regular flooding. It shocked me to see the devastation, but they just clean up and move on. I feel for all those experiencing this in your area.

  4. @Savannah McQueen
    Thanks Savannah! We get some flooding here but nothing like this. The last time that there was flooding this bad was in 1972 (before my time)!

  5. I grew up in Middletown and we just recently moved to Miami, FL. It was surreal to see all the pictures of those familiar places totally under water. Stopping by from HHH.

  6. @Tiff
    It seemed to hit Derry Twp. the hardest which is right down the road from us. Thanks for stopping by!


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