Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why I Homeschool - This Week

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5 Reasons Why I Love Homeschool This Week -

Fun at the grocery store.  Yep, I said fun at the grocery store.  B and I went to the store together after his work was done and actually had fun together.  I'm not saying that we don't usually have fun together, but it is rare at the grocery store.  The grocery trips with kids in tow are usually frantic and tension gets the best of me.  Now we go the grocery store together during the day and laugh and enjoy ourselves.  Who knew going to the grocery store could be fun!

No doctor/dentist notes.  My two youngest are still in public school (only one more year - yea!).  They had dentist appointments today and when my husband went to pick them up he was reminded to bring a doctors note back so the absence is excused.  This really irks me and my husband.  Why do we need permission to take our kids out of school?  .... only one more year ...

Johnny Tremain.  B and I started to read this book this week and we have really enjoyed it.  I would say that it is our favorite this year, so far.  We are only on chapter 3 but I can't wait to see what happens to Johnny!  I love having this time with B!

Politically Incorrect Guide books.  I recently found these books on Rainbow Resource and I am really interested in getting some of them.  They are too old for B (they say 8th grade and up) but I would like to read them myself.  The books aren't actually one of my 5 reasons, but the ability to use all different resources to teach is.  I am sure that these books aren't 100% accurate, just like public school history books aren't 100% accurate.  What I love is having the ability to give B all different viewpoint and sources to learn from so that ultimately he can decide what make the most sense. 

Math.  We had a bad test last Friday.  That is obviously not one of my 5 reasons but reviewing what he didn't understand and ultimately giving him a retest is.  Last week his test had some word problems.  Word problems are the part of math that B hates.  He doesn't like them and doesn't get them. We are going over more word problems so that I can make sure that he fully understands them before moving on.  This would never happen in public school, unless the entire class didn't understand them!

Here is a little homeschool humor.  I just found this christian comedian and he is really funny!



  1. Excellent post. Tim Hawkins is also a favorite at our house.

  2. @MissMOE
    Thanks! I just found out that Tim Hawkins is doing a show in our area next May. Might have to be a date night!

  3. I think Tim Hawkins is so funny. Thanks for linking up to the NOBH.


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