Monday, September 19, 2011

Science fun - The edible cell

Last Friday we made the much anticipated edible cell.  B has been looking forward to this day since he found out about it.  First, I had to go to the store to get all of the candy to add to the jello.  Second, we had to not eat all the candy before the jello cell was made (hardest part).  When the jello was ready, we got started.

Check out all that candy!  I realized pretty quickly that I got way too much candy.  Darn.  This is what was left over after the cells were made.  Woops.  Whatever will we do with all that candy? 

After dinner, C and E got to join in the excitement of testing out the cell.  It was also great to hear B tell his dad all about the different parts of the cell.  There is something adorable about hearing him say Endoplasmic Reticulum.  And I was impressed with all that he remembered!

I also wanted to share a picture of B that I took 2 weeks ago enjoying the great weather.  These are the times that make homeschooling worth every second.  From a kid who hated reading ... he now reads everyday ... and actually seems to enjoy it! 



  1. Ahhhh .. fun! We are doing our version(s) of edible cells on Friday. One will be a plant cell and one will be an animal cell. We will make a pizza and large chocolate chip cookie. Dawson and Brynne shopped for their ingredients last week while I did my grocery shopping. That's what we are having for dinner that night. Hope they add anything gross to it!

  2. @Nicole
    What a great idea! I would have much preferred pizza or chocolate chip cookies! Maybe we will have to make another one!

  3. What a victory with your son and his reading. Yes, this is what makes home education worth every minute. It is then that I forget that I don't have a moment to myself anymore, and that the house is always a mess. Or maybe that is just my house!

  4. @Savannah McQueen
    Definitely don't think that it is just your house!!

  5. What a fun way to teach about cells! Stopping by to say "hi" from the Hip Homeschool Hop!!

  6. Sounds like it was a huge hit! We are studying cells too using Apologia's Exploring Creation and I think that there are instructions for an edible cell coming up. My kids will love it!

  7. @Sharla
    It was fun! One pointer - make sure the jello is completely done before you put the candy in. Ours wasn't and the candy ran which made the jello look yucky ... but it didn't stop the kids from enjoying it!

  8. Um...that is pretty much our kiddos DREAM science project!!! :)
    Love this!
    ~Kara @ The Chuppies/NOBH

  9. @Kara
    All that candy left over! It was like a dream for the kids! :-)


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