Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Am I ready? ... Part 2

So, I took part in a blog hop by Heart of the Matter called the Not Back-to-School blog hop.  It has been awesome!  The first week was curriculum and it was interesting to see what everyone was using.  I was really excited about week 2 - Schoolroom.  I thought it would be really fun to see everyone's schoolroom.  I was partially right.  It is fun to take a peek at everyone's schoolroom and see how they are decorated and what they use for storage.  But what I wasn't expecting was seeing all kinds of things that I don't have and wondering if I should... 

Should I have a workbox system? 

Should I have a morning board?  (I didn't even know what a morning board was!)

Should I have a designated art area?

Well, after hyperventilating and getting myself worked up, I realized that it will be OK.  Who knows what kind of organization will work for us?  It is really too early to tell.  Should I have a morning board?  With B in 5th grade ... probably not?  But if I change my mind, I know where to find some great examples of some!  Should I have a designated art area?  Probably not necessary for us, but B loves art so it could be a good idea.  The wheels are turning ... with ideas of where to put it ... and how to organize it... Better go find the hubby to let him know that I have a honey-do list starting!  He will be SO excited!  :-)

Countdown to Day #1 - 6 days!!!


  1. It can be very exciting getting those plans swirling in our heads! I know exactly how you feel- I love all the ideas I see on the blogs, but don't want to get caught up in trying to do things the way others do them. I always get things worked out once the school year starts, and I see how we actually need things organized and set up. Keep us posted on your plans!

  2. I wrote on my blog about how much we DON'T use our designated homeschool room. Instead, we school all over the house. It works better for us. Word of warning: You can drive yourself INSANE trying to do all of the cool things others are doing. I almost went down that path with a planning system this year. But then I just realized that what I have WORKS GREAT FOR US and I shouldn't mess around with that. I just put it in a pretty binder instead. Go with your instincts and HAVE FUN!

  3. I know what you mean!! I read all this stuff and have to just bookmark it in case I need it later. Who knows until we get there?! Have a great year!

  4. Seriously! I could really get myself into trouble looking at/coveting all of the beautiful rooms and organization systems. You have an amazing room and have planned well. No need to worry. I am counting down the days with you...and I can't wait to hear how it goes! (so far so good for us)


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