Monday, August 29, 2011

First day of public school

Today was the first day back to school for the local public school.  It was very bittersweet.  C & E were happy to go back but I was sad to see them go.  Here is my adorable Princess Em in the outfit that she picked out herself.  Cute as always!

C was in the middle of playing football with his friends when I pulled him away for this picture.  Football is the morning routine at the bus stop.  Luckily he gave me a quick smile before he ran back into the game.

B was outside for the morning football game and then we started day 10 of our school right when the bus left.  If you saw my previous post, you may notice the huge difference in mood!  B was very happy to not be getting on the bus this year!  :-)

Happy schooling! 



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  2. Ok let's try this comment under MY Google profile instead of hubbys :)

    Oh my those little faces are precious!!

    I don't blame B for his grin. WizKid loves working in his pajamas, being able to ride his bike, play a little game or jump in the pool to break up his day.
    I hope they have a wonderful school year.


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