Thursday, August 11, 2011

Teaching Textbooks

As I have said before, we are starting school on Monday.  I am trying to get the last minute prep done so that we are all ready to go.  I just put the Teaching Textbook 5 on B's computer so that it was ready for him to get started.  I was planning on having him do 2 lessons a day plus Singapore math 5A because I had a feeling that the Teaching Textbooks would be easy for him (more like review).  I was showing him how to get into the lessons (by the way, it was so easy to get started) and he wanted to try it out.  I obviously was not going to stop him! 

He LOVED it!!  He finished 2 lessons and almost finished a third.  The only reason he stopped was he had to go to hockey practice.  I asked him, "Do you like it?"  and he said, "yes, I really do.  It's fun.  I like the sounds."  YEAH!!  Hopefully this will last! :-)

Positive:  He really loves Teaching Textbooks.  I think they really make it fun with the sounds and the characters on the screen.  It is engaging and keeps his attention. 

Negative:  It definitely is too easy for him.  I am thinking we should be able to get through level 5 by January (or earlier).  Then start level 6.  Sadly, I can't say that he will actually learn anything new in the process!  I am so glad that I purchased Singapore 5 as a back-up!!!  I really wish that they made TT true to grade level and more of a challenge!!!  It is such a great concept but more of an extra review tool than actual complete math program. 

Now his brother and sister really want to do it too!!   The sad thing is I think C, who is entering 3rd grade, would be able to do TT level 5 easily.  That is how easy this math program is!! 

On a totally unrelated note ... here is a picture that I thought was fun that I made on  It is a picture of B playing hockey using the neon effect.  Have I mentioned that I love that website??

So, now I am off to redo B's math schedule for the week.  Seeing how he already finished day 1 and half of day 2!  He might even want to do more before Monday.  Not such a bad problem to have!  :-)


  1. We loved Teaching Textbooks. It is a bit easier and I didn't feel that it prepared them for college. So in the senior years we switched and I am glad we did, but I still mis TT.

  2. SO happy things are off to a great will get into the right grove by Christmas..LOL...Blessings to your day! Thanks for linking up at NOBH!


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