Monday, August 22, 2011

Our School Day - A work in progress ...

Not Back to School Blog Hop

This is the last week of the Heart of the Matter's Not Back-to-School blog hop.  It has been so much fun that I am sad to see it finish!! :-)  The last week is a Day-in-the-Life week.

We have only been officially homeschooling for 5 days ... so this is more like what I want our days to be like than an actual schedule! 

Our first week was good.  We started at around 8:30 everyday and finished about noon.  The first thing that we do is Bible then Math.  After that, we just finish what else in on the list.  I try to spread out everything to keep it interesting.  B is not too fond of reading so I make sure that we don't do all the reading at once.  He gets less frustrated when it is in small spurts. 

My youngest two (C & E) are still in public school for one more year.  I can't wait until they are home with us, but that is a different story!  They don't start school until next Monday.  It makes it interesting trying to do school while they are still here.  I have to say that they have been remarkably good so far!    We have been working quickly to get done by noon because we usually get 1-2 knocks on our door by then and B really wants to get out and play with his buddies. 

Things should change next week when public school is back in session.  What I hope our schedule looks like starting next week:

7am - Get up (For those that don't know me ... this is really tough for me.  I am not a morning person at all!  In fact, my husband is probably laughing at this while he reads it!)
7:45 - Bible together as a family and breakfast
8:30 - C & E get picked up for school and B gets started with Math.
8:30 until 12 - Most subjects done (Not sure of the order yet.  We are still working that out.)
12-12:30 - Lunch
12:30 until ?- Finish up with Art and any other subjects that we haven't completed.
2:00 - Piano on Tuesdays
3:45 - C & E get back from school and the chaos begins ...

Because I still have two kids in public school ... we still have to contend with all the homework.  Have I told you that I can't wait until next year???  After 3:45 we will be rushing to complete homework before we run out the door to soccer, guitar, youth group or hockey.   The barrage of homework is one of the reasons that I chose to homeschool.  Unfortunately I have to wait one more year to completely be done with all of it... 

Love the flexibility of homeschool!  Love that I don't really have a set schedule yet!  Love that we can find out what works best for us and then tweak it when needed! 



  1. Thanks for sharing your schedule! I love seeing how other homeschooling mom's plan their day! I'm so not a morning person either, so I completely sympathize!

  2. Glad to hear that I am not the only non morning person. I do have great intentions though ...

  3. I don't think you ever stop tweaking. We are only on day 3 and I am tweaking here and there already. Looks like a doable schedule! Have fun!

  4. @Nicole

    Yes, I have already made some major changes with curriculum. It's amazing what you think will work and doesn't and vice versa!

  5. Ok, I am not trying to be nosy, but I am wondering why your youngest two are still in school this year?

  6. @Theresa
    No problem Theresa! :-) Long story short ... my oldest needs the one on one attention (academically). My other two do really well in school and enjoy it. I know that they will enjoy homeschool as well ... I keep second guessing it but I decided that my youngest (C & E) would have one more year in school so that I can focus on getting B where he needs to be. Then I will be ready for all of them next year! And that was the short story! :-)

  7. I can't wait for next year for you! I am not a morning person either, and I struggle with 7 a.m. as well.

  8. @Sam

    I always tell my husband that if God hasn't turned on the lights yet, he doesn't want me to get up. It works better in the winter when the sun doesn't come out until later. :-)

  9. I hear ya on the morning thing. I thought about trying to mold myself into a 5am person but it's not happening. Yeah for Day 5! It's so fun to read about your journey!!

  10. Wow...with your other children in school, this is going to be a long year. But, you'll make it and next year you'll enjoy having them home!

  11. @Rikki
    I often think about getting up early and working out, having coffee, being totally prepared before everyone else wakes up ... it just never seems to work out!

  12. @Savannah McQueen
    Yes, this will be a tough year. I just have to remember why I am doing this and that they will all be home next year! I can't wait!!

  13. Yep, that's what homeschool is all about, being flexible and always changing! Have a wonderful year.

    Hi from the HHH.


  14. Great schedule! I hate mornings (lol) but I know if we aren't going to do school all day I need to get up and at 'em! *sigh* Not so easy! Have a great school year! Stopping by from the HHH!

  15. Thanks for sharing :)

  16. I think it is great that you are starting out homeschooling! We are currently through our second round of sonlight's p4/5 program, and are really enjoying it. And as far as having your other two in public you get more comfortable with having one at home, and you are in more of a routine, by Christmas you may decide to pull your other two and have everyone learn together :-)


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