Friday, July 29, 2011

Balloon Flip Flops

All summer we have seen girls at the pool and elsewhere with these cute flip flops.  My daughter, E, really wanted to make them.  We finally made it to JoAnns and found flip flops in her size on sale for $1!!  Add a bag of water balloons and you get these adorable summer shoes!  It was a little tough for my six year old to tie the knots really tight but she had a lot of fun ... and I helped her out.  I wish we would have done it earlier but she can still wear them for a month or two before it gets too cold.  Oh and notice the cute multi-colored toe nails.  E never wants the same color on her hands or feet.  We always use at least 5 different colors...  Happy summer!!


  1. These are so cute. Congrats on finding such a great project for your daughter.

  2. Thanks, Savannah! My daughter loves them and hasn't worn any other shoes since we made these. She even wore them to church this morning ...

  3. I also have a 6 year old who likes her toenails painted in rainbow fashion!


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