Friday, July 8, 2011

Reason #3 - Academics

You can't get more individualized attention than in homeschool.  There are a lot of great teachers who care about their students.  But no one cares more for my children than I do.  Academically, traditional school was not working for B.  Sure, he got good grades...  always finished his homework on time... but it was a struggle.  It was a struggle to get the homework done in the short amount of time that we had after school before other activities.  It was a struggle to know if he was ready for a test the next day.  It was a struggle for me to help him with his homework (have you seen some of the crazy things they have kids do to solve math problems these days)!!

We started to do some light math over the summer.  I can tell you exactly what B knows.  I can look at a page and pick out the problems that he would get right and the problems that he would struggle with.  I know exactly when he gets something and we can move on.  I can tell when we need to spend more time on a subject.  We have the freedom to move at his pace. 

Just because B was doing well in school doesn't mean that it was working for him.  I want him to like learning.  I want him to know how to research a subject that interests him.  I want him to read something in a book ,realize that even textbooks where written by biased people, then look it up somewhere else to get more viewpoints and form his own opinion.  These are all things that I hope will come from homeschooling.  Thanks for listening!

Many blessings!!!


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