Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Reason #1 - Time

In no particular order ... One reason I choose to homeschool is time.   Long gone are the days of the Waltons and Little House on the Prairie!  Nowadays,  kids are in every activity possible by the age of 6.  The family dinner is practically obsolete and the only time spent with family is in the car.  We tried hard not to fall into the "my kid will only be successful as an adult if he/she does every sport & activity available at his/her age".  We stuck to one sport at a time which is still a lot when you have three kids.  But then came music lessons ... and even one sport has several practices a week plus games ... Then the boys (B and C) wanted to play travel hockey.  We can spend quality time together on the road, right?  We don't want to deny them the opportunity!   What if they could make the NHL like .000001% of the population??  Seriously though, travel hockey has been great and it has created a lot of family memories.  Especially the tournaments - hotel with an indoor pool and all your buddies - priceless!  We wouldn't change it.  And so far we have been able to have the boys on one team which helps immensely! 

But back to my reason ... I love the idea of fitting school into our day instead of fitting our day around school.  No more homework (well all the work is technically homework, but you know what I mean)!!  No more wasted time watching movies with substitutes, doing busywork before holidays, waiting for 24 kids to finish before you can move on, PSSA's, preparing for the PSSA's .... Just getting work done and then getting back to ... Life and family! :-)  They are here (in our house) for a short 18 years (ok, sometimes longer ...)and I love that I will get to spend most of that time with them. 

Many blessings!!!


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