Monday, July 4, 2011

From the beginning ... How I made the decision to homeschool.

Whenever you do anything that is against the grain or not "normal", you are always going to be asked "why?".  I have been asked this question anytime that someone finds out that I am homeschooling.  I don't mind the question.  So far I haven't had any rude or mean comments (at least to my face).  ;-)  In fact, I love to talk about my reasons and what I am planning because I am really excited about it.  I thought that it would get old but it hasn't ... yet. 

My reasons start with my oldest, B, who really dislikes school.  He doesn't have any issues with bullies or friend.  In fact, his favorite part of school was recess and lunch because he was with his friends.  He just hates school.  And after the past two years of having to force him to do at least an hour of homework right when he gets off the bus ... we were both really frustrated! 

If you asked me 5 years ago about homeschooling I probably would have said that homeschoolers were weird unsocialized kids.  Then, a good friend of mine started homeschooling her kids.  I was really surprised because she wasn't weird at all!!!  :-)  When we were at their house I saw a story that her son had written on the fridge.  I couldn't believe that it was so neat and well written!

I started to think about homeschooling and talking to my husband about it.  Thankfully, I have a very supportive husband and he agreed that homeschooling could be great for our family.  We made the decision last summer but I needed a year to really prepare myself.  When we brought it up to B for the first time he was really excited.  That was the clincher! Now I am looking forward to having our own schedule.  There is something very freeing about not having to follow the traditional school schedule. 

I truly believe that God changed my heart about homeschooling 3 years ago.  Unfortunately, it took me a long time to listen... as usual! 

There are many more reasons why I am excited to homeschool.  Maybe I will write about them next time.  This is just the story of how I came to the not "normal" decision to homeschool....

Many blessings!!!


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